Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT)

The Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency (CyCAT) is hosted at the Open University of Cyprus, the second public university in Cyprus and the only one dedicated to open and distance education. They collaborate with other researchers internationally and have recently teamed up with four leading universities across Europe and Israel through an H2020 Twinning grant. The team holds key expertise in the algorithmic processes involved in information access, user interactions with algorithmic systems, user-system interaction, as well as the social and cultural implications of algorithmic processes.



Role: Instructor Research Center


Specialist: Algorithmic Transparency, Fairness and Ethics in AI Human – Computer Interaction

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Key Objectives

  • Promote digital literacy through raising citizens’ awareness of the ways in which data analytics and algorithmic processes affect their access to information and opportunities
  • Develop computational methods, personalized tools, as well as innovative training and education programs
  • Promote a Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) culture

CyCAT Instructors Participating in Protea

Jahna Otterbacher

Associate Professor at the Open University of Cyprus, Coordinator at CyCAT, MRG Co-Leader at fAIre, CYENS CoE

Styliani Kleanthous

MRG Co-Leader at fAIre, CYENS CoE

Maria Kasinidou

Ph.D. Student at Open University of Cyprus

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