Looking beyond the single Perspective in information access Systems

Do you want to find more about personalization in search engines and social media?

Study Info

Available Languages

English (only)

Pre-Required Course or Certification


Expected Time Commitment

Estimate 30 minutes for completion

Learning Goals

You will be expected to:

Expected Outcome/Benefit

This project will collect data concerning people’s interactions with algorithmic content filtering, and will help us develop better tools and methods to facilitate quality interactions. The results of the study will be made available to all participants who share their email with us (see below).

Non-anonymous participation / recognition

If you would like Protea to recognize your contribution to this project (e.g., for the purposes of our publications, sharing our results, or for certifying your participation), please remember to report your Protea registered email (i.e., Protea login) when prompted by the project.


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